Brad Pitt Needs a Ride

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And a good bike mechanic.

Brad Pitt’s vintage motorcycle broke down in a residential area near the Franklin Village in Los Angeles on Thursday July 2nd. A Paparazzi from x17 was following Brad and gave him a lift since he really had no other option (apparently he can’t walk long distances :P).

The ride did not go to well for mr cranky. Here’s what the photog had to say:

“Brad was a nervous wreck — he was paranoid and rude, demanding that our photog drive faster to get him home quickly. Loosen up, Mr. Pitt! We’re just regular people … you know, those humans you see when you look down from your ivory tower!” -X17

Anyways… I would already be annoyed after my bike broke down. It would be even worse to have a camera shoved in my face and some retard asking dumb questions. Ahh the life of a celebrity. You can’t even have a friendly gesture of a lift without getting bombarded.

[pics-Just Jared]

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