Britney Spears “Radar” Video is an Epic Fail

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Watching the latest Britney Spears video is like taking a whole backyard full of dog shit, shoveling it all into a pile, and lighting it on fire. I don’t think I will ever get over how bad this video stinks. Really, it is depressing.

Rolling Stone sums it up way better than I can. Here is what they had to say…
“The plot is eerily similar too, with the Dave Meyers-directed video essentially copycatting Madonna’s “Take A Bow” video. Instead of falling in love with a matador like the Material Girl, Spears has her eye on a polo player. While Madonna dressed the role of a distressed aristocratic senorita in the stands, Spears’ wardrobe and giant hat mirror the elite at the Kentucky Derby. Instead of montage shots of bulls, we see horses. The major difference here is that there’s a love triangle, even though none of the people involved actually seem to like each other as they stare vacantly off camera half the time. It feels like they took a 30-second commercial for one of Spears’ perfumes and turned it into a four-minute music video.” -Rolling Stone

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