Paris Hilton Loves Dubai

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Paris has been flaunting her sexy stuff around Dubai lately, and being the bad girl that she is, got tired of not breaking the rules. The Mirror reports that:

TV producers had banned the airhead heiress from wearing a bikini while she is in Dubai shooting the third series of My New BFF. But within hours she was posing for photos in a skimpy twopiece. Brilliant. Our source says: “Paris had made a big public speech, saying how much she loved the Middle East and respected its culture. But the following day she was prancing around on the beach in her bikini and posing provocatively. Bosses warned her Western tourists have been jailed for flouting the rules.

Thank you Paris Hilton for officially provoking the start of World War 3. What retard gave her permission to travel to an Arab country in the first place? We all know exactly how this is going to end and what would happen before she even boarded the plane.

Anything that pisses off an Arab Nation definitely is a WIN in my book!

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