Travis McCoy Saves Manila

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One Condom at a time!

Just yards from the local police station and a half a mile from Manila’s Super Mall, dozens of Filipino families live in inhumane conditions under the Kaybuboy Bridge. After sorting through the dozens of Publicity stunts or “services” he could provide to get more attention and help some pour soul in the process, celebrity hip-hop artist Travis McCoy decides he is going to save these people by teaching them proper condom use.

As an ever proud Angelina Jolie humanitarian fan this is what McCoy had to say:

I came to Manila preparing to compare my experience here to South Africa, as I compared my experience in Cape Town to the US. But what I saw today cannot be compared; it can’t even be put into words. I thought I grew up poor but I didn’t know what poor was until today.

WOW! That is brilliant. Way to go on doing something to make the world a better place. One less country with AIDS, check. I hear they need some lessons in Japan if your willing to travel.

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